20 Photos that Inspire You to Visit Jamaica

Jamaica, a tropical paradise full of lush beautiful countrysides, waterfalls, reef-lined beaches, all-inclusive resorts and so much to do!

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Our Favorite Things to do in Jamaica

Martha Brae River Rafting - Favorite Things to do in Jamaica - www.afternoonstroll.com

It doesn’t matter where you’re staying, there are so many things to do on the beautiful island of Jamaica!

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Sandals La Toc

Staying at Sandals La Toc | afternoonstroll.com

St. Lucia is an island in the eastern Caribbean mostly known for it’s dramatic towering pitons that decorate its western coast. St. Lucia is popular for it’s luxury resorts, fishing villages, pristine beaches, dramatic backgrounds, golden sunsets, and reef-diving sites. A perfect place to rest, unwind and recharge.

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Hiking Gros Piton

Hiking Gros Piton - www.afternoonstroll.com

Have you ever gone anywhere just to relax, sip on some drinks, have some fun in the sun and then decide to do something completely opposite of that? Maybe you want a challenge or you feel like you need some exercise?

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