10 Road Trip Essentials

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

If you’re planning a road trip vacation, chances are you’re going to spend a lot of time in your vehicle traveling from location to location. Heck, it might even be the place you lay your head for the night.

So, here are my ten road trip essentials to get you through your trip!

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

-Food & Drink-

We may have gone a little overboard in the snacks department and we may still be feasting on them to this day – over a month later, but in order to avoid the convenient store stops and spending unnecessary funds, looking for deals beforehand can save you a lot of money!

Tip: Bread and peanut butter is a great option that can even replace some meals and save a ton of money!

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

– Music 🎶 –

I especially like creating special playlists for every trip so every time you hear a certain song, it takes you back and reminds you of  that special place or moment.

I still hear songs from the 80’s that remind me of our local pool that I pretty much lived at. I call them “pool songs” (How original, right?). 🙂 Music from the Chainsmokers, The Weeknd, Tupac/Michael Jackson remixes and Justin Bieber (Yes, better Beliebe it) will always remind me of our 2017 summer road trip!

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

– Plugged In –

These days, everyone has something that needs to be charged! Some people even have panic attacks when their phone battery gets down to a certain level. 🙄 We have two power supplies that we don’t leave home without.

AUKEY 30000mAh Lightning Power Bank – This charger has multiple ports to charge multiple devices four times faster than conventional chargers. It can charge my iPhone 10 times before needing to recharge itself. Perfect for the avid traveler.

Click to buy!

BESTEK 300W Power Inverter– This adapter is perfect for road trips! You plug it into your cigarette receptacle and it includes dual outlet inverters and dual USB charging ports. We actually leave this in our car at all times!

Click to buy!

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

– Pillows, Blankets & a Medical Donut –

I know what you’re thinking, a medical donut? It’s actually great for the bum on long car rides! I don’t know about you, but my backside gets sore sitting for so long! 😩 It also makes a great pillow! When we drive from place to place, we usually get to our destination late at night, so we don’t feel like we should spend $100+ on a hotel room just to sleep for a few of hours. Yep, sometimes, we sleep in our car. All you need is a pillow, some blankets and you can save a ton of money!

Another budget friendly option is camping. Campsites are much cheaper and more fun (in my opinion) than hotel rooms, just don’t forget to pack your tent and sleeping bag!

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

– Itinerary –

Always have a plan, even if it’s just a rough draft.

Make a list and map out the things you want to do and see, places to stay, places to eat.

You don’t want to miss out and regret things that you should’ve done and didn’t because you didn’t have a plan.

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

– GPS/Road Atlas –

You know where you want to go, but you need to know how to get there, right? Whether it’s by phone, GPS or an old fashioned road atlas, getting from place to place with ease is a must to save time, gas and aggravation!

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

– Clean it Up –

I do not go on any trip without wet wipes! Sometimes on road trips, running water isn’t always readily available. Now I know you are ABSOLUTELY NOT supposed to use wet wipes as a replacement for face wash, but sometimes you have no choice! They are a great multipurpose product to clean your hands, armpits, if you went on a hike and are full of sweat and feel dirty….just wipe away, you’ll feel better! 🙂

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

– Paper Towels & Trash Bags –

You never know what messes you’re going to make on the road. What if a soda explodes and you have nothing to clean it up with? This is why we always keep a roll of paper towels in our car on any day. With so many snacks in the car and soda cans/water bottles, all that trash just piles up and it’s nice to have something to throw it all in. Trash bags can also be used for things like dirty clothes or wet shoes or maybe you want to protect something, whatever the reason, it’s great to be prepared for the chaos.

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

– First Aid Kit –

A first aid kit is ALWAYS important. You never know what can happen while you’re traveling. Mine is filled with band-aids/bandages, alcohol pads, athletic tape, pain killers, allergy medicine/cough drops, antibiotic ointment, tums and of course if you have any allergies, be sure to bring whatever you deem necessary.

10 Road Trip Essentials | afternoonstroll.com

– Photography Gear –

Even if it’s just the camera on your phone, memories are everything.

Photos can mean so much to people!

It’s fun to have something to reminisce, to look back on, to remind you of fun times! Plus, for me, photography is fun and challenging and definitely frustrating at times. But, totally worth it!


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