Sandals La Toc

Staying at Sandals La Toc -

St. Lucia is an island in the eastern Caribbean mostly known for it’s dramatic towering pitons that decorate its western coast. St. Lucia is popular for it’s luxury resorts, fishing villages, pristine beaches, dramatic backgrounds, golden sunsets, and reef-diving sites. A perfect place to rest, unwind and recharge.

We stayed at the Sandals Resorts for the first time in St. Lucia. We specifically chose Sandals La Toc because I wanted a place that had cliff views as well as the beach. Sandals was a great choice for us because they had shuttles that ran all day to the other two locations – Sandals Grande St. Lucian and Sandals Halcyon Beach. It was nice to see what all locations had to offer!

– Accommodations –

Staying at Sandals La Toc -

Sorry, I don’t have pictures of our actual room (I really didn’t think I’d be blogging about this), this was the view off our invisible balcony. While there were no balconies, there was a sliding door that you could open. We stayed in the Emerald Honeymoon Oceanview room. This wasn’t the cheapest room and definitely not the most expensive. They have many levels of rooms from your basic garden view room – to Love Nest suites – Butler Level – Club Level – Luxury Level. You could make this an extremely expensive stay. I’m sure the more expensive rooms were a lot more fancier than ours. Our room was a little dated, just not the most modern decor. We didn’t really mind, we weren’t there to stay in our rooms all day and we had no issues.

Staying at Sandals La Toc - www.afternoonstroll.comThis was the view out of our door. The flora was so lush and beautiful in St. Lucia! The rooms in the tower there are probably your least expensive basic room.

– Food –

I have to say the food was amazing! Probably the best food I’ve had at an all inclusive. We got there in late afternoon and were starving! The first stop when we arrived was at the Cricketers Pub which is located on the second floor above the lobby. Their burgers were delicious! You have to try the chicken wings, but get a double order! The only restaurant we didn’t make it to was The Pitons. They don’t take reservations there, so you have to get there right when it opens, otherwise there will be a long wait. My favorite was Kimonos. Kimonos is Hibachi style and although you’re probably sitting around a grill with a bunch of strangers – it was still a really good time and a good time to meet people at your resort.

Staying at Sandals La Toc -

My recommendation is to make reservations for the restaurants as soon as you map out your week. Bo and I like to make a plan of our tours and our dinner reservations so we always have something to look forward to, but of course, that is us and you may be different. Armando’s was excellent Italian. The Gnocchi was amazing! If you sit outside, you will have beautiful views of the sea. They are also open for breakfast and lunch if you get tired of the Pavilion’s buffet (I know I did). The Pavilion has a bit of a bird problem, but I found it humorous at times. I could go on and on about the food because there were so many options! Just try to get to everything. If you like sushi – Soy – if you need pizza – Bella Napoli – if you need your seafood – Neptunes – there is something for everyone! As far as drinks – Bo and I aren’t heavy drinkers. We usually stick with with the slushy fruity drinks – the Purple Rain was really tasty and got me buzzing pretty good. If you go on tours, the rum punch will get you quick – be careful!

– Beach and Pools –

Staying at Sandals La Toc -

The beach was so clean, not rocky and no seaweed! The sand is not white at La Toc and waves are fairly big compared to La Grande and Halcyon. Personally, I love to hear the crashing of the waves. La Toc had seven pools and six whirlpools, so plenty of places to float, drink and relax. If you want to get a prime lounge chair, you have to get down there early because the butlers reserve them before anyone gets a chance to claim them. These are mostly for the ones that are looking out to the sea. You should be able to get a lounge chair around the pool without any issues.

Staying at Sandals La Toc -

 – Tours and Entertainment –

The resort uses the Joe Knows tour company. You can book your tours in the lobby. We did two tours-The Gros Piton hike and Land & Sea Tour. Both great tours! I mean who doesn’t like slathering volcano mud all over their bodies and washing it off in some hot stinky sulfur springs?!? Ha! What an experience! The Gros Piton hike…well that’s another story. The free activities the resort offers were great and included kayaking, stand up paddle board, golf, hobbie cats, snorkeling, scuba diving (for a fee), etc. So many options, you will not be bored! They do have entertainment every night in the Pavilion. Not really shows per say, more like karaoke and stuff like that. On the Friday night we were there, they had a huge street party with a bunch of food vendors and tons of entertainment acts. It was super fun!

– Spa –

Although we did not use the Red Lane Spa services, they do come out and hound you a bit while you’re lounging out at the pool, so be prepared. I’m sure their services are wonderful and I probably could have used one after my sunburn that I got on day two!

All in all, we had a great time in St. Lucia. If you ever decide to go I guarantee you will too!

Staying at Sandals La Toc -

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